SensingBodyAcademy Teacher Training / 200h

SensingBodyAcademy Teacher Training / 200h

June 1 - September 10, 2018

200 hours Hatha Yoga Fundamental Teacher Training. During the training, classical hatha yoga poses, asanas and variations will be taught in detail. In addition to the practice and teaching methods of the asanas, breathing and meditation techniques will be practiced with all necessary information to support both self practice and teaching experience.

The physical and energetic details of yoga poses and the methods for establishing asana series will be explained. Exercises for awareness, minfulness practices and breathing & meditation techniques will be explained and practiced throughout the training.

Training will be taught in 4 modules. To become a fully accredited Yoga Alliance RYT200 Yoga Instructor, each part should be taken and must be completed successfully. 

Modules of SensingBodyAcademy Yoga Teacher Training, 200 hr:

Module 1 

* Starting with a practice to understand how bodies respond to the instructions and their specific necessities. 

* Talking about the technical flow of the training and understanding expectations of the students regarding additional topics on top of the training. 

* Ulolas & Chandra Namaskar and its effects.

* Surya Namaskar series and its variations. 

* Elements / Meanings of The Elements in Yoga 

* Differences between the Sun Salutations and its variations / Describing how they affect the body physically. 

* The importance of the breathing during Asanas, and during practice. 

* Teaching how to teach Ulolas & Chandra Namaskar & Surya Namaskars variations. 

* Groups of the Asanas in the handbooks distributed to students. 

* The effects of the groups of the Asanas on specific part of the body. 

* Practice each of the group of the Asanas. 

* Guiding instructions for the Asanas according to the practice. 

* Meditation Parts / Sitting Variations / Technique & Practice 

* Pranayama techniques

* Somatics Exercices & Mindfulness Practices 

Module 2 

* Starting with a practice to understand reactions and changes of the students after first part. 

* Sequencing Chart 

* Specify the groups of the Asanas in Chart 

* Standing Poses / Principles & Practice 

* Language descriptions of the Asanas for different practitioners. 

* Teaching how to teach groups of the Chart / Part 1 Asanas in the handbooks distributed to students. 

* Order of the instructions for Asanas. 

* Practicing to teach each of the group of the Asanas. 

* Synchronise instructor´s energy and voice in line with level of the practice. 

* Handling of the classes. 

* The skills of verbal instructions and how and when to use hand adjustments. 

* Pranayama techniques

* Meditation / Practice & Techniques

* Somatics Exercices & Mindfulness Practices 

Module 3 

* Part 2 for the Sequencing Chart 

* Inversions & Arm Blances / Principles & Practice

* Abdominals & Hip Openers / Principles & Practice

* Pranayama techniques

* Meditation / Practice & Techniques

* Somatics Exercices & Mindfulness Practices 

* Teaching and managing classes.

* Teaching how to create better sequence to practice safely, to realize & deepen bodies limitations and to flow as using all elements during practice

Module 4 

* Part 3 & 4 for the Sequencing Chart 

* Backbends & Thigh Stretches / Principles & Practice

* Forward bends & Twists & Hip Openers / Principles & Practice

* Teaching how to make a sequence for each level of the classes and the best timetable for the Asanas. 

* Teaching how to sequence previous Asanas to anatomically ease to go into the key poses 

* Practice creating classes related to key poses

* Pranayama techniques

* Meditation / Practice & Techniques

* Somatics Exercices & Mindfulness Practices 

* Anatomy
* Work on the movement directions to focus how to deepen the Asanas with this knowledge in our basket. 
* Skeletal System & Articulatory (joints, ligaments, connective tissue, etc) Systems 
* The key muscles that affect the groups of the Asanas and movement types. 
* Describing the Asanas from the functional anatomy perspective. 
* Teaching how to approach to students who have limitations. 
* Teaching modifications for limitations. 
* Deepen the Asanas in light of the functional body limits. 
* The relations between the Respiratory, Circulatory and Skeleton Systems 
* Teaching how to translate anatomical instructions into yoga language 

Module 5 

* Yoga Philosophy / Yoga Sutras of Patanjali & Bhagavad Githa
• Working on Patanjali Yoga Sutras to understand the meaning of the practice. 
• Reading and comparing different translations of the parts of the Bhagavad Githa and discuss about these texts to focus our path. 
• Teaching and Talking about how to use Yamas and Niyamas in daily life and also during practice. 
• Teaching how to insert anatomy knowledge and also importance of the steps of Patanjali Yoga Sutras into the practice. 

* Yoga History & Types of Yoga

* Teaching how to deepen the practice in the way of body limits, using bandhas, deep breath techniques. 

* Props to deepen the practice. 

* Practicing correct verbal and hand adjustments 

* Ethics: How to shape behaviour of the yoga instructors to the students during the class and out of the class. 

* Observing and examining how the students teach a class.

* Adjustments

* Mudras, Mantras & Bandhas

* Somatics Exercices & Mindfulness Practices 

* Assessment - trainees will teach a yoga class, assist a yoga class

* Business
* Setting up as a yoga teacher, Advertising, PR & Marketing
* Importance of upgrading to Teacher Membership with Yoga Alliance Professionals

This training is for;

Dedicated yoga students, who want to develop themselves and deepen their knowledge,
Those who want to be professional Yoga instructor and teach yoga in a studio, gym or individual with good education and international certification,
Those who are prepared for the period of intensive process both physically and psychologically,

This training will be limited to 15 trainees. 


Tenerife, Canary Islands

Session Dates:

June 1-2-3-4, 2018
July 6-7-8-9, 2018
August 9-10-11-12-13, 2018
September 7-8-9-10, 2018

Session Hours:

10:00 - 18:00

Education Price:

EUR 2000 
** early payment (until 2nd of May): EUR 1700

Costs 2000 euros, deposit of 500 euros to secure place. Final balance to be paid before course begins. Monthly installments can be arranged.

See Ayse, for info on airport transfers, accommodation, and general info.

You may find the contact details for further information:

The trainer Neval Aras, who is passionate about human body system via yoga and the other body movement systems, has been trained at international level. She has continued her academic studies as well as yoga trainings and added scientific studies to her knowledge and experience. She continues to encourage her trainees and students to improve their personal skills and practices as well as being trainers themselves in her classes in various studios, trainings. Neval’s unique energy and the influence of her, born from her own experiences, also sincerely makes a sincere effect on her students.

Neval Aras holds the E-RYT 500 certificate, which expresses the authority to train instructors by the Yoga Alliance that sets international yoga standards.

Aras, who is giving her education in the framework of holistic approach theory, believes that the theoretical, personal practice and teaching skills should be integrated in order to train a good instructor. Her holistic approach is based on her educational role, Yoga NewVita Studios and SensingBodyAcademy, an international organization working on all disciplines of movement and thus educating qualified trainers in the field.

Neval Aras, who also carries her study areas to an experimental playground, believes that learning with pleasure is also a cognitive process and emphasizes the importance of experiencing. For this reason, the basic principles of our Academy are the training of instructors who are open to the concept of academic research, playful experiences, beyond knowledge and dynamics.

Thich Nhat Hanh, Stanley Keleman, Tom Myers, Jaap Wan der Val, and Gil Hedley are among the masters, teachers Neval Aras travels together on her magical journey to learn more about the physical body, the energy body, the nervous system, the body movement therapies and the awareness. 

So far, she has also worked with many wonderful teachers in all over the world, such as David Cornwell, Chris Chavez, Todd Tesen, Sianna Sherman, Carlos Pomeda, Sean Corn and Elena Brower.

Neval Aras teaches basic Yoga Teachers’ Training, Advanced Anatomy Training for Instructors, Advanced Yoga Teachers’ Training, and Evolutionary Development of the Nervous System. She works with a team of expert teachers in their fields of SensingBodyAcademy and trains teachers living, especially in Istanbul, Boston and in some other European cities.